Powerful! Results of bullying, and knowing they were WRONG

To This Day Project – Shane Koyczan

A poignant poem read with amazing feeling, and animated.

Please share this with others who think they are the only ones hurt this way.

Together we can heal.

3 Responses to “Powerful! Results of bullying, and knowing they were WRONG”

  1. kathyhywd@aol.com Says:

    Thank you…. I am crying….. touched my soul when now as an adult i am still feeling broken. They were wrong…

  2. zgero Says:

    Very touching video! Thanks you for posting, will share.

  3. zgero Says:

    Reblogged this on Zsuzsi Gero, LCMHC and commented:
    I was very moved by this video, and it’s empowering message to anyone who was bullied in life. Bullying makes me so mad and sad. It has to end! It also makes me think about times when I witnessed bullying as a child and did not speak up against it to protect classmates. Things that seemed playful teasing or pranks at the time, look cruel and hurtful now. I wish I had the clarity and courage to speak up then to protect precious human beings. Speaking up now and going forward. Bullying in all forms and degrees is wrong and has to end.

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